Shawn Blanc on Macworld 2012

Shawn Blanc:

From a personal standpoint, the conference felt more like a vacation than a business trip. All my time in San Francisco was spent with friends and peers.


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OmniFocus Forecast and Start Dates

David Sparks:

A surprising number of attendees at my Macworld talk about OmniFocus were not aware that you could show start date items in the iPad version’s Forecast View.

He isn’t joking. Myself and a number of my fellow OmniFocus nerds who were in attendance had no idea this setting existed. Incredibly useful if you spend any time in OmniFocus for iPad’s Forecast view.

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How Jeff Croft Stopped Comment Spam on his Site

Geeky as all get-out, but a creative approach that seems to be working well for him. Includes source code.

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Glenn Fleishman on “Booth Babes”


Deployment of pretty young things to reel men in is so blatant a ploy that cognitive dissonance soon sets in.

While I don’t go out of my way to ogle these young ladies, I can definitely understand why they’re strategically stationed just outside the booths and, frankly, I don’t necessarily judge the companies that employ them. After all, every vendor at every trane show is there for one reason: to be noticed. If your booth is right next to (and, in all manners,  dwarfed by) a competitor, then all’s fair in love and war, I say.

But, according to a Dori Smith (a colleague of Fleishman’s), there are three sorts of companies at trade shows:

Those with a product sell it at the show. Those without one plug what is coming. The remainder hire models.

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Automate Your Typo Correction

Eddie Smith:

Unless you’re a podcaster or you regularly publish videos, your online presence is defined entirely by what you type. It’s never been more important to be grammatically correct and precise.

Great tip for using the venerable TextExpander to automatically fix common typing mistakes (so as to avoid making yourself look stupid by publishing a bunch of typos).

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How to Increase Willpower and Follow Through With Resolutions

Dr. Roy Baumeister:

One common problem is that people make multiple resolutions. These are all effectively commitments to use one’s willpower. Unfortunately, just making the resolution doesn’t increase your supply. When you have several resolutions, each time you try to keep any of them, you use up some of the precious willpower that is needed to keep the others. In other words, multiple resolutions all work against each other and undermine each other’s chances of success.

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Cooking with Brett and Myke — Fried Apple Fritters

This week, young Myke is off galavanting across the European countryside or some crap, so I’m joined live in my actual office (like, he was in my freaking house) by the Muffin from Memphis, Mr. Stephen Hackett where we discuss Macworld and things related. Join us?

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Mac Power Users — Harry McCracken’s iPad

Technologizer’s Harry McCracken joins David and Katie to explain how he primarily relies on his iPad for getting work done.

Hold all my calls.

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Cool Guys Today

A goofy video of Shawn Blanc, Ben Brooks, Stephen Hackett and myself screwing around at Macworld. Apropos of nothing.

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Cooking with Brett and Myke — Backup Frittata

On this week’s episode of the UK’s favorite cooking show, Myke and I discuss the Kindle 4, blog comments (or the lack thereof) and how Myke is pretty horrible about doing backups of his computers.

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