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Bridging the Nerd Gap is about being good at technology. Whether it be the technology you use at your job, the smart phone in your pocket or the blogging software you chose - I want to help you be awesome at it. As fast as technology moves, you’d be surprised how little of it is all that difficult to learn and utilize. I want to help you understand how to be a nerd (in the “good with technology way”, not the “urinates when a girl approaches” way).

If this sounds good to you, I cordially invite you to subscribe either via email or RSS. If the blog were a DVD, the newsletter would be the extras. It’s where I talk about possible post topics, products I’m thinking about and, of course, lots of free tech insight and plenty of made-up words. It’s a hoot and you should totally give it a try.

About the Author

Brett Kelly is a jack of exactly two trades: writing English and writing software.

He’s been blogging in some form or another since around 2004 (though most evidence of this has been lost, so you’ll just have to trust him). He started the Cranking Widgets Blog, a site dealing in productivity and the Getting Things Done methodology, in 2006 and spent two and half of his best years there. His work was routinely featured on and other similar blogs. After spending a couple of years bouncing around between various blogging endeavors including a short stint at The Unofficial Apple Weblog, he’s back in the saddle with Bridging the Nerd Gap.

An autodidact through and through, he taught himself how to program computers at night starting about nine years ago and has been doing it professionally for about seven of those years. Everything from server-side systems development and database design to desktop application and web development - he’s convinced people to pay him money to do it (which is an impressive feat in its own right). His current job is as the Technical Communications Manager at Evernote Corporation. Incidentally, he got the job because he wrote an eBook about Evernote. Funny how things pan out like that sometimes :)

Born and raised in southern California, he spends his days (and much of his nights) in his home office near the wife and two children he doesn’t deserve working with Apple products that are awesome. He is rarely without some form of caffeine and likes music that most people refer to as “crap”.

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Some product links that appear here will be affiliate or referral links. This means that, if a reader follows one of these links and subsequently buys something or signs up for a service, I’ll get a small kickback (normally money, sometimes other things). Note that it does not change the price of the thing in question. Many bloggers feel the need to enumerate each and every affiliate link, but I find it distracting. If I link to something here, you can consider it a tacit (or overt, depending on context) endorsement of that product or service.

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