An Eloquent Rant Regarding Apple and Chinese Factory Workers

Factory work sucks, period. It will never not suck. Stop kidding yourself if you think it will… but also stop kidding yourself that these workers are being “abused”. No one is forcing them to work for Foxconn. No one is being “enslaved”; in fact, people line up by the thousands for the opportunity to work there.

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Evernote Hello Gets A Big Update

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that I freaking love Evernote Hello. Anybody who met me at Macworld can vouch for the fact that I kept shoving my iPhone into everybody’s face. The new update that ships today has a buttload of new stuff. Go check it out.

(Disclosure: I work for Evernote.)

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Amazon’s ‘Three Kindles for the Price of an iPad’ Commercial


(via Michael Hyatt.)

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Cool little service that lets you send Valentine’s Day greetings to that special Instagram user in your life.

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Tweetbot for iPad

Not a joke.

Purchased. Enthusiastically.

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Tweetbot 2.0

Matt Alexander:

The changes are not imposing, but there is a tangible and welcome difference. Things feel far more fluid and intuitive in places I hadn’t quite realized needed fixing.

Totally agree.

I switched to Tweetbot a few months ago after the official Twitter app went the way of the shitbird and, other than a couple of very minor complaints, I’m glad I did. This update alleviates several of my main complaints about Tweetbot. Highly recommended.

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Cooking with Brett and Myke — Irish Funeral Cookies

Back from his hazy, bongwater-soaked vacation in Amsterdam, Myke returns with a vengeance for this week’s episode of the UK’s favorite cooking podcast. Among other things, we discuss my Frankenstein-ish microphone setup, iBooks Author and, of course, we read our iTunes reviews in those funny accents you all seem to like so much.

And special thanks to Agile Tortoise, makers of Phraseology for iPad, for sponsoring this week’s show. I own the app and it’s a lovely addition if you’re a writer who uses an iPad.

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“That’s a nickel.”

Internet funnyman Ben Brooks made a video demonstrating the Magnus iPad 2 stand by Ten One Design. The stand looks pretty nice, but the real star of the show is the 5¢ piece that makes a quick cameo near the end of the video for reasons that aren’t entirely clear to me.

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Ungeniused — The Challenger Disaster

Teenage heartthrob Myke Hurley is on vacation this week, so I was asked to fill in on this week’s episode of the Ungeniused podcast with Mr. Stephen Hackett.

If you want to hear what it sounds like when a completely unprepared me appears on a podcast requiring preparation, this is your huckleberry where—quite poetically, I think—we discuss the Challenger space shuttle.

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Mongo DB is Web Scale

Old nerd humor, but very funny.


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