The Last Time I Saw Steve Jobs

The father turned to Steve as he passed close by and asked, “Excuse me, sir, would you mind taking our photo?”

As tragic as Steve Jobs’ death is, it’s really cool to see all of the various recollections popping up from people who either had or witnessed extremely human interaction with him. It does a lot to humanize a man that many people had historically perceived as a giant dick who cared more about his products than about people.

(via DF)

Dennis Ritchie has Died

Dennis Ritchie, the creator of the C programming language, co-creator of the Unix operating system and one of the great pioneers of modern computer science, has died at age 70.

“Stack Overflow is in many ways my personal Counter-Strike”

Jeff Atwood:

We want to liberate all the brilliant experts stuck in these horrible Soviet-era concrete block housing forums all over the web.

An interesting read about how Stack Exchange (née Stack Overflow) was built to engage the gaming part of its users’ brains.

Field Notes “Fire Spotter” Edition

I won’t deny that I have a bit of a “problem” when it comes to notebooks. Field Notes is the primary reason for this; everything they produce is simply exquisite.

I’ve just ordered mine, and you should, too. While you’re at it, grab a Colors subscription for the new reduced price.

Find My Friends App Now Available

If you’re running iOS 5 (and most of us aren’t, yet) on your iOS device, you’ve probably been waiting for this.

70 Decibels

My good buddy Myke, who as been gracious enough to invite me to be a guest on several episodes of his excellent podcasts over the past few months, is launching a proper podcast network. If you aren’t already listening, you should.