Glenn Fleishman on “Booth Babes”


Deployment of pretty young things to reel men in is so blatant a ploy that cognitive dissonance soon sets in.

While I don’t go out of my way to ogle these young ladies, I can definitely understand why they’re strategically stationed just outside the booths and, frankly, I don’t necessarily judge the companies that employ them. After all, every vendor at every trane show is there for one reason: to be noticed. If your booth is right next to (and, in all manners,  dwarfed by) a competitor, then all’s fair in love and war, I say.

But, according to a Dori Smith (a colleague of Fleishman’s), there are three sorts of companies at trade shows:

Those with a product sell it at the show. Those without one plug what is coming. The remainder hire models.

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