Talking Tools - An Interview Series You’ll Just Love

I love talking to interesting people. Occasionally, some of these interesting people mistake my emails as having come from my former TUAW-mate, the talented Brett Terpstra and agree to answer a few questions about how they work and whatnot. Clearly, this is a boon for everyone involved (except the interviewees, sadly, but if you want to make an omelette…).

Here are the kind folks (all of whom are heroes of mine in some regard) who have talked with me so far (and I’m working on plenty more, so don’t miss out):

  • Patrick Rhone - Master curator of the appropriately popular Minimal Mac and a good friend.
  • Chris Guillebeau - He answered my questions while flying to some crazy country you’ve never heard of and he’s a frickin’ badass.
  • Shawn Blanc - One of my favorite bloggers, Shawn writes unparalleled articles about Apple and Apple-related topics that you should totally read.
  • Marco Arment - The (now former) CTO of Tumblr and creator of Instapaper talks with me about PHP and head injuries dealing with tack  hammers.
  • David Chartier - A writer for Macworld who, inexplicably, wasn’t a fan of Ratatat until I kindled the romance. You’re welcome.
  • Christina Warren - She writes (and writes and writes) for and, apparently, doesn’t like Steven Seagal as much as I do.

If you think this series is all over, you just couldn’t be more wrong if you tried, boy howdy. I’m lining up new interviews all the time and, other than living at my house, subscribing to the blog (via RSS or email) is your best shot at knowing when the next one will appear. Or you could, just, not know. Which would be tragic.