The New Evernote Trunk (and a Birthday Present for You)

At the Evernote Trunk Conference in San Francisco (where I'll be sitting awkwardly when this post is published), our intrepid CEO Phil Libin announced the launch of the next generation of the Evernote Trunk. I played a small role in helping get this thing off the ground and I'm super proud of all of my coworkers who did most of the work.

And, as it happens, my 34th birthday is this Monday, August 27.

In celebration of these momentous occasions, I'm stoked to offer a special deal on my best-selling ebook, Evernote Essentials. From now until midnight (PST) on August 29 2012, you can get 20% off of my ebook with the coupon code OLDFART.

More than 15,000 smart, attractive people have used Evernote Essentials to jumpstart their journey to Evernote masterhood. Grab your copy now — I think you'll dig it.

Oh, and just as a reminder, everybody who buys Evernote Essentials gets all future updates for free. I'm almost done with version 3.0 and let's just say that, if you have any interest in it, buying soon would be a very good idea. Ahem.

Thanks for reading, friends. ¡Viva la Evernote!