Today’s Recommended Reading: MacSparky and Read & Trust

Today’s Recommended Reading: MacSparky and Read & Trust

Reading is good. Especially when you’re reading great stuff written by smart people who really give a crap about what they’re saying. Here’s a couple things you might consider reading because they’re awesome.

60 Mountain Lion Tips

Not one to sit back on his Paperless laurels, my good pal David Sparks—who I’m now convinced doesn’t actually sleep—has released another new ebook in his MacSparky Field Guide series. This one is a collaboration between Sparks and Brett Terpstra. It’s called 60 Mountain Lion Tips. If you buy the iBooks edition, you get all the fancy multimedia and formatting that is quickly becoming a hallmark of David’s work.

And he must have bumped his head or something because he’s only charging $7 for it. It’s got 53 separate screencasts with over 90 minutes of video. You should grab it (iBooks or PDF) before he realizes the mistake he’s made.

Read and Trust Magazine

Speaking of Capt. Sparks and Brett Terpstra, all three of us—as well as Matt Alexander of and David Chartier of, well, everywhere—contributed articles to this month’s Read & Trust magazine. The topic is productivity and it’s got some great stuff that I think you’ll enjoy. My article is in there, too!

Grab your copy of this month’s Read & Trust magazine (or sign up for a monthly subscription and you’ll get it automatically each month).


Have a great day, friends. Don’t forget to read awesome stuff. If you have suggestions for additional awesome stuff, give me a shout on Twitter.