Macworld 2012: What I’m Bringing and How to Find Me

Within a few minutes, I’ll be hopping on a jet plane for 4 days of fun and nerdery at Macworld in San Francisco. This will be my first time at Macworld, so I wanted to talk about two things: what I’m taking with me (in terms of tech stuff) and how to find me if you’re going to be in the area.

What I’m Bringing

Tech-wise, I’ll be packing pretty lean this go-round. Things that I’ll certainly be bringing are:

All of these things will be stored neatly in my trusty Ristretto bag by Tom Bihn. It can house all of them with room to spare, but not a ton of extra room, frankly.

I’m not sure how much time I’ll be spending doing serious typing, but adding the ZAGGfolio to the mix involved a relatively small cost in terms of spent space in my bag and will go a hell of a long way toward allowing me to do some longer-form writing, should the mood and occasion strike.

How to Find Me

I’m planning on doing a buttload of socializing while at/around the conference, so I’ll be available for drinks/coffee/caramels if anybody is up for it. The best way to get in touch if you want to get together in SF is to message me on Twitter. If we already know each other, you’re welcome to invite me to a temporary list in Find My Friends. I’ll also be using Foursquare while I’m there and will be accepting all friend requests at the start of the trip (and unfriending everybody as soon as I get home — sorry if that seems priggish).

Really looking forward to this — hope to see you there :)