AppleScript to Delete Selected Birthdays from Address Book

I heard on a recent podcast that my Internet pal iMyke was bemoaning the pantload of birthday reminders he was receiving via iOS 5′s Notification Center and that he wanted a way to go through and clear out old birthdays for people he no longer wants anything to do with.

Rather than see my friend endure the tedium of removing these birthdays by hand in the Address Book application, I took this as a “lunch break challenge” and, whilst enjoying a burrito, whipped up a little AppleScript to make the process much, much faster.

This, of course, comes with all of the usual caveats when talking about an application whose purpose is the destruction of data: back everything up first, verify your backup is good, understand that this thing may set your Mac on fire and that you’re using it entirely at your own risk.

Grab the source code from Github by clicking on the title of this post, paste it into the AppleScript Editor on your Mac and click Run to run it. I’ve only tested this with Lion. It uses the contact name to look them up in the Address Book, so beware if you have any kind of duplicate entries in there.

Oh, and feel free to fork the gist on Github if you want to make it suck less or whatever.

Have fun.