Everything You Need

Sitting here at my desk looking at my computer, I realized something.

All of the tools I need to do any number of creative, world-changing things are literally right here in front of me.

If I want to write the next best-selling novel, a poem that would make my wife smile or a blog that would change the way people see the world, I can.

If I want to use my own voice to talk to the world about what’s important to me, spread a unique message or tell somebody far away that I love them, I can.

If I want to learn about what’s ailing a friend, a country on the other side of the world or a family who will never know my name, I can.

If I want to build an application or service that will make people’s lives better, a home-grown tool to make my own life easier or a quick hack to help a friend out, I can.

If I want to find people like me who love writing, programming, coffee and technology, I can (because they’re certainly out there).

The tools you need to do great, amazing things are sitting right in front of you. You’re probably using the same tools to read these words.

All you need is an idea and some elbow grease. You already have everything else.

The distance between idea and execution has never been shorter.

Better get started.