Your Ideas and How to Move them Forward

I want to talk to you about ideas. More specifically, ideas that can ultimately become (probably small) businesses.

For example: the ebook I sell started its life as a little brain fart I had one day at my desk at work. I like to think that most cool ideas begin in a similar fashion.

Maybe you have an idea. Something you imagine yourself building and polishing and then offering to people in exchange for money. This isn’t a new concept, but maybe you’ve got a little muse floating around in your head that looks and smells like one of these ideas.

There are two big-ish barriers to turning such an idea into a real thing you can look at, point to and in which you take a measure of pride:

  1. How to get from idea to “thing you made”.
  2. The knowledge and skills required to get there.

Number one can generally be sorted out with the help of a couple of quiet hours on the patio with a few delicious beverages (and, if you’re like me, a delicious Alec Bradley cigar — get a Prensado if you’re curious because they’re exquisite). Of the two “problems” enumerated here, I’d call the first one “the easy one”.

Of course, you may need to look a few things up, send some emails to some people to clarify certain points, but overall the process is something very surmountable by a sufficiently driven human being. At least, I think so.

The second obstacle is, I think, pretty easy to overcome. We live in an age of specialized information and accelerated learning.

I won’t say the notion of higher education is passé, but I truly think that the kind of knowledge a budding (Heaven forgive me the uttering of this word) entrepreneur needs is readily available and, in many instances, doesn’t require you to speak or even encounter the word “matriculate”.

No, there are gobs and gobs of topics for which the basics are available right now. On the Internet. It’s pretty crazy.

Lots of people (and, by that, I mean thousands and thousands) have jumpstarted their Evernote knowledge using the thing I made. It costs relatively little in terms of time and money and it gives you a big shove in the right direction.

Thing is, tons of similar products exist which are aimed at folks like you who want to start their own thing. And they’re really good.

My buddies Adam and Karol (pronounced “Carl”) do this thing every year where they put together the very best tools and programs on the web and offer them at an absurd discount for three days. Due to some kind of administrative error, they also included my thing (joking).

It’s called Only72 and, as the name suggests, it’s only available for three days, then it’s gone. But, if you act within those three little days, you’re staring down the barrel of a 90% savings on a gargantuan collection of the finest ebooks and online learning materials the web has to offer.

Things like my friend Corbett Barr’s guide to Starting a Blog that Matters and my insanely smart mentor Chris Guillebeau’s Unconventional Guide to Publishing. Also, Men with Pens makes an appearance (“are you kidding me”? nope.)

No joke you guys — I’ve personally purchased some of these products with my own money and can attest to their quality.

And you can get the whole freaking kaboodle for 90% off of what they normally go for. Including Evernote Essentials.

Oh, and you’ll also get Chris Guillebeau’s new book, The $100 Startup. In hardcover, shipped to your freaking door. It’s bordering on insanity.

I’m honored to be included among the fine folks who make up this package of goodness. I’m also proud to tell you about it now because, as you know, I’m really weird about selling. It makes me uncomfortable. Yeah, I know, but it really does.

Click here to check out the awesome offering Adam and Karol have put together. By the time you read this, I will have already bought mine.

If you have an idea that you want to make into something real, the knowledge contained in this offer is probably going to put you right where you want to be: moving forward, equipped with the knowledge you need to build something awesome, hang out your shingle and know that you did something effing cool.

And, for those of you still reading: Thanks.

Thanks for reading my stuff, buying my ebook and supporting my family. I’ve got a (very) beautiful red-haired girl and two kickass children who benefit directly from your support. No joke. I appreciate you.

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