The Secret of My Accidental Success

I’ll level with you.

I’ve had a great deal of success with Evernote Essentials (which many of you have purchased — I’m very grateful for that) and, truthfully, it’s always felt a little strange.

Not a week goes by when I’m not asked by a friend or acquaintaince how my little side business is going. “Just fine,” I’ll usually answer.

The truth is, I’m constantly surprised at the response my little product has received. People have found it extremely helpful (based on the emails I routinely get from satisfied customers) and that makes me deliriously happy.

The part that really flummoxes me is how I’ve been able to make something that so many people liked and that has turned into a legitimate business. Yes, I totally get how coy and stupid that sounds. But, truth be told, I still feel like a blind squirrel who happened accidentally upon a big nut. I started out knowing almost nothing about business or marketing or any of the things that normally accompany success.

Having learned a thing or two in the couple years since I’ve had my little business, I can look back and see what I did right and—most importantly—how having some very smart people in my corner helped make it happen.

Of the small group of confidantes and friends that were instrumental in my success, I’d have to say that my friend Chris Guillebeau was one of the tiny handful of people that were the most crucial — my mentors, if you will. He generously offered me advice and guidance on several occasions, both by email and phone. He’s a hell of a guy and I’m eternally in his debt (despite his humble, bull-headed insistence that his help wasn’t as important as I make it out to be).

Chris just launched his second book called The $100 Startup. Comprised of both inspiring stories of unconventional businesses and actionable, time-tested steps that the reader can take to begin his/her own entrepreneurial journey, this book is a must-read for anybody looking to start living on their own terms and earning a living their own way. I’m humbled to be included among the success stories described in the book.

I don’t believe that everybody is suited to this kind of life or pursuit, but for those who are, I can’t recommend The $100 Startup highly enough. You’ll walk away with a clearer picture of how to get from where you sit to a real business. The doubt and uncertainty that surrounds such a pursuit will be accounted for and you’ll just need to act.

I’m proud to count Chris among my friends because the guy is the real freaking deal. He’s helped me and many others get where we are and, if you’re looking for something different or to move your dreams from abstract ideas to real, achievable goals — this is your horse.

Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

(This post doesn’t contain any affiliate links, for what it’s worth)

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