Announcing My Newest Evernote Resource

Ever since the launch of Evernote Essentials, I’ve had a ton of people ask if I’d consider doing a video series. Lots of folks prefer to learn visually, so it made a lot of sense.

Well, at long last, it’s here.

I’m ecstatic to announce that I’ve created a brand new screencast called “Learning Evernote” with my buddy Ryan over at Mijingo. It’s a 48-minute video of yours truly describing all of the nuts and bolts of Evernote: installation, configuration and all of the info you need to get up to speed quickly with Evernote. You’ll watch me work as I explain everything you need to know to get rocking with Evernote.

If you want to get a crash course from an Evernote expert/fanatic, this is where you want to be. I’m really proud of how this turned out and I can’t wait to hear what you guys think.

Visit the Mijingo screencast store today to grab your copy.

Thanks so much for your time, attention and support! And, as always, feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions.

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