Options for Sky TV Customer Service Assistance

Sky is the leading provider of home entertainment services in the UK, and they also provide home broadband and telephone services. Thousands of calls are received by their customer services department on a daily basis. These calls can be made for a number of reasons including new customers that want to sign up for the service, or existing customers that want to upgrade or downgrade their packages. Sky customer service also deals with complaints and cancellations.

Prices for Sky TV services start from £20 for TV packages and £10 for phone services. You can take out each service that Sky has on an individual basis, or as a bundle which often works out cheaper. You also have the option to have sports and movies added to your TV package, and many sports from the UK are only broadcast on Sky. If you need help in choosing a bundle that has everything you want in it, speak to customer services.

Added extras are available on some packages, often at no added cost. Sky customer service will be able to advise you what these extras are and whether you are eligible. If you are an existing customer then your enquiry can be sent via email. There is also live chat available on the website for both existing and prospective customers. The opening hours for this are the same as for the call centre.

Sky customer services also receive a lot of calls with queries about the installation of Sky TV. Both homes and businesses will have to make an appointment for installation to be carried out. You should contact customer services to make a new appointment, or if you want to rearrange an existing one. Setup fees will apply in some cases and customer services will be able to advise you whether these fees apply to you, and how much they will be. They will also be able to provide you with a general guide to the fees that they charge.

Any loss of service or problems with equipment should be reported to Sky customer service immediately. They will take details of the problems you are facing and can advise whether there is any problem with the service that they are aware of. Answers to the most common questions can be found on the website, but if you can’t find what you are looking for you can always contact Sky directly. You are able to ask your question via the official Sky Twitter and Facebook accounts, but if you have an issue that is urgent, it is recommended that you contact them by phone.

If you would prefer to talk to someone face to face, then you can visit one of the 250 Sky retail stores that are located nationwide. You can find your nearest store by entering your postcode on the search facility on the website or by calling the Sky contact number to ask for details. These stores also provide you with the opportunity to see the services you will receive before you buy a subscription.

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